...The Edwin Diamond Award ...

To paraphrase what the great Count Basie once said about jazz, doing journalism has never really been work for me. It is, rather, a continuous means of asserting oneself as a human being, and an agent of the world...It is a discipline of the soul, a daily testing, an expression of the value and sense of life...
-Edwin Diamond
The Edwin Diamond Award is given to the best graduate and undergraduate journalism student each year at New York University. The faculty looks in particular for young journalists who show some of the energy, enthusiasm, skill and devotion to the craft of journalism as our late colleague, the pioneering journalist and media critic Edwin Diamond. Diamond Award winners have gone on to important careers in journalism -- at news organizations including the New York Times and the New Yorker. While the Diamond Award comes at the end of the students' studies, the gift it included has helped many of them through the difficult months of searching for a job after graduation. The Edwin Diamond Award is the highest award given by the Carter Journalism Institute at NYU.

Mitchell Stephens
Professor of Journalism
Carter Institute
New York University